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  • Fox News:R߅ΣC(2)

    2021-03-31 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Well, the president is absolutely open to the idea from Republicans, from Democrats, to make any piece of legislation better and stronger. But what is not going to allow for its ef

  • Fox News:R߅ΣC(1)

    2021-03-31 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    And joining us now, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Jen, welcome back to "FOX News Sunday". Great to be here, Chris. Let's start with the crisis on the border and what P

  • Fox News:ʿĨڅhTm¡_(4)

    2021-03-22 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Apparently the left believes you can get an abortion or take hormone blocking medicines. That's OK. But everything else, ear piercing, you need your parents' consent. Now,

  • Fox News:ʿĨڅhTm¡_(3)

    2021-03-16 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Well, you actually cannot change somebody's sex. That's a scientific false, you can't change. I mean, you can't change their sex as your DNA is what your DNA is, co

  • Fox News:ʿĨڅhTm¡_(2)

    2021-03-11 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Rand Paul, Kentucky, once seen as someone with at least a kind of interesting coherent ideology. Lately, he's been spending his days trafficking and right-wing conspiracy theor

  • Fox News:ʿĨڅhTm¡_(1)

    2021-03-05 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Rachel Levine, that's Biden pic to be one of the top assistant secretaries at HHS was grilled on Capitol Hill yesterday. But it was one exchange that caused a firestorm. Dr. Le

  • Fox News:hT:Z˵ărֵ^c΁""(6)

    2021-02-22 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    I won't belabor it but that's not a "yes" or "no" whether you would sustain the veto or not. That's right. OK, you're not answering that. Listen, Senator Joe Manchi

  • Fox News:hT:Z˵ărֵ^c΁""(5)

    2021-02-01 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    A lot of people look at this race and think President Trump may have put you in Senator Perdue in a box first when he threatened to not sign the COVID stimulus and government fundi

  • Fox News:hT:Z˵ărֵ^c΁""(4)

    2021-01-25 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Let's talk about this race, specifically your opponent. On the campaign trail when he's pressed about anything that he's -- you know you're charging him with, he co

  • Fox News:hT:Z˵ărֵ^c΁""(3)

    2021-01-18 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Right. Well, some of your other Republican colleagues have called these overturned election efforts bad for your party, bad for the country. Senators Romney, Toomey have talked out

  • Fox News:hT:Z˵ărֵ^c΁""(2)

    2021-01-11 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    This weekend, Senator Ted Cruz campaigned for you. He and ten other Republican senators and senators-elect say they will join Senator Josh Hawley in a vote against certifying Elect

  • Fox News:hT:Z˵ărֵ^c΁""(1)

    2021-01-05 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Joining me here now, Senator Kelly Loeffler. Good morning, Senator. Welcome to "FOX News Sunday." Good morning. Great to be with you, Bret. We should point out. We invited your opp

  • Fox News:̈ʥQ˾Ȼoߘ?(2)

    2020-12-30 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio


  • Fox News:̈ʥQ˾Ȼoߘ?(1)

    2020-12-23 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    So, boys and girls, here's a little secret for getting more presents for Christmas than you could ever imagine. Ask for one from a politically correct shopping mall Santa and t

  • Fox News:˹@l(2)

    2020-12-16 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    First, we had the Mueller investigation which turned out to be a complete dud and basically a conspiracy theory. Then we had I.G. Horowitz do a thorough investigation in which both

  • Fox News:˹@l(1)

    2020-12-08 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    President Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn expressing gratitude on Thanksgiving after being granted a full pardon by the president. Saying in a statement

  • Fox News:J,ݵǵ{Dnj(4)

    2020-12-01 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    And -- I was gonna say, and if he doesn't, Mayor Buttigieg? Well, then, it really comes down to his supporters. And look, this is a tough time. I've been on the losing side

  • Fox News:J,ݵǵ{Dnj(3)

    2020-11-24 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    But, as you well know, the Founders created checks and balances, divided or -- you know, a balanced government, three branches. If you're Mitch McConnell, who just got elected,

  • Fox News:J,ݵǵ{Dnj(2)

    2020-11-17 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Well, let's talk about COVID relief. Millions of Americans, as you well know, are desperate for that, and the lame duck Congress is gonna take that up. At this point, they are

  • Fox News:J,ݵǵ{Dnj(1)

    2020-11-13 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Joining us now, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a member of the Biden transition team. Mayor, congratulations and welcome back to "FOX News Sunday". Thank you. Good to be back with yo

  • Fox News:hķԺӋnjxҕ(4)

    2020-11-03 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    All right, before I let you go, the Comey hearing today got a little bit lost in the shuffle in some ways because of last night's debate. What was your take away from that? Big

  • Fox News:hķԺӋnjxҕ(3)

    2020-10-28 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    All right, so I'm gonna leave that there and we'll pick that up you know with this vice presidential debate that's coming up next week. What about the Roe V. Wade issue

  • Fox News:hķԺӋnjxҕ(2)

    2020-10-19 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Packing the court means that to you will add more justices which will create a new majority, where it would be a chance for the next president Joe Biden in this case if he wins the

  • Fox News:hķԺӋnjxҕ(1)

    2020-10-16 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    Now I think it's fair to say that if President Trump had opened the door to expanding the court, to ensure a conservative majority, there would likely have been outcry from Dem

  • Fox News:ɾ־LwlҊ(2)

    2020-10-08 ٙĿ:Fox News Radio

    No doubt and I want to play this. This is from Senator Ed Markey who just won a tight election in Massachusetts. He is saying that we must disarm officers. There's a lot of bac

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